Depression and anxiety are medical issues that can cause both emotionally and physically serious health issues that can interfere with daily activities. At Eastpointe Internists, P.C. located in Warren, MI, Dr. Dominic Cusumano offers a compassionate approach to treatment aimed at helping patients overcome their depression and anxiety so they can lead happy and healthy lives.



What is depression?

Clinical depression goes by many names, such as “the blues,” biological or clinical depression, and a major depressive episode. But all of these names refer to the same thing: feeling sad and depressed for weeks or months on end. This feeling is most often accompanied by a sense of hopelessness, a lack of energy (or feeling “weighed down”) and taking little or no pleasure in things that once gave a person joy in the past.

Depression is believed to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and with proper medical care the symptoms can be managed and people can often return to their normal life.

What are anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are disorders that share a general feature of excessive fear (i.e. emotional response to perceived or real threat) and/or anxiety (i.e. anticipation of future threat) and can interfere with sleeping/eating.  Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by excessive, uncontrollable worry over events and activities and potential negative outcomes. Some people with severe anxiety may experience panic attacks.

How are anxiety and depression diagnosed?

A depression diagnosis is often difficult to make because clinical depression can manifest in so many ways. For example, some clinically depressed individuals seem to withdraw into a state of apathy. Others may become irritable or even agitated. Eating and sleeping patterns can be exaggerated. Clinical depression may cause a person either to sleep or eat to excess or almost eliminate those activities. The best way for a physician to diagnose a patient is by talking to them and learning about their moods, behaviors and lifestyle habits.

How are depression and anxiety treated?

With proper medication and counseling to address the underlying issues, people will often improve dramatically and have a better quality of life. Continued care and monitoring by their physician are required to ensure that the chemical imbalance remains under control.

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